I'm a journalism graduate currently working in Vernon, BC. I like to dabble in web projects. This is one.

After keeping a blog for a few years now, I noticed that when I looked back at old entries, it was usually the random, bizarre and out-of-context quotes that were the funniest things to read.

I'm also a packrat and have saved hundreds of MSN Messenger conversations because there were some funny bits in them. Up until now, they just sat on my computer, waiting for something to be done with them.

So I decided to organize all of the quotes and convos I had saved over the years into a little collection here. I also went through all of my friends' blogs and gathered all the quotes they had posted too.

It's amazing just how many there were. I guess we're just funny people. Or at least, funny-sounding people.

After going to a foam party at a bar, Shaun and I came home quite drunk. Shaun went to hook up the Gamecube to the TV while I took a shower (foam is cold after you leave the bar). He failed utterly. I stumbled back and laughed at him, hooked it up in a few seconds, and blurted "I am PURE AWESOME!" and the name was born.

Not yet, but soon.

Yeah, and that's not a question. And you're fat.

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