"christmas eels" - jan. 2/06

mike: i said to shaun yesterday
mike: if i had thought of it earlier in the day
jenn: it's LAME you have to pay to be a member
mike: i would have gotten some old lumber and given you WOODEN EELS
jenn: ahahhahahaha
mike: with a cord wrapped around em
jenn: YESSS
mike: imagine coming home and finding them on your step
jenn: i think thaty would quite possibley be the best present ever
jenn: hshaha
jenn: i would say it too
jenn: out louds
mike: haha
jenn: OH NOES
jenn: pause
jenn: pause
jenn: pause
jenn: stare
jenn: pause
"tripled" - jan. 19/06

jenn: bed is gonna be the best thing ever
jenn: ever
jenn: after the night i had last night
jenn: to describe it i'd have to say
mike: hahaha
jenn: i'll explain it in brief
mike: ok
jenn: tripled on a bike to the harbour
mike: tripled wow
mike: that like a triple flip
mike: or a triple lutz
jenn: lol ya it was a hilarious sight
jenn: like a clown car
jenn: people were just staring and going "that is... cool"
mike: lol
jenn: colin was peddling, mariken was on the handllebars and i was perched with one foot on the cage thingy over the back wheel
"stew" - feb. 21/06

janice: Someone's eating. I can smell it.
mike: Yeah, I can smell it too.
janet: It smells like stew or something.
renee: Oh that's just me guys. When I get nervous, I smell like stew.
janet: Is that chicken stew?
renee: It depends on what kind of fear it is!
"mike's mom" - march 5/06

mike l: I'm going to have to fight my mom now, you realize that? (leaves)
cam: I just spoke from my butt. It said "BIH!"
mike l: (enters) My mom is dead!!
"keaton" - march 13/06

mike: you know what
mike: michael keaton looks like jack bauer
ryan: no he doesn't
mike: the current keaton does
ryan: stop watching ebert & roeper
mike: haha
ryan: that's what i'm watching
mike: hahaha
ryan: haha
mike: SEE
ryan: he doesn't though
ryan: you know who looks like jack bauer?
mike: who
ryan: kiefer sutherland
mike: go on
ryan: thats it
mike: http://ww1.prweb.com/prfiles/2005/09/10/283690/MichaelKeaton.jpg
mike: http://vatzhol.club.fr/img/batman009.jpg
ryan: michael keaton looks like batman
ryan: haha
mike: haha
ryan: beat me to it
"cloud" - april 6/06

shaun: omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg
mike: what
mike: whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat
shaun: just ran back upstairs, after spotting a certain somebody in hollow bastion!!!!!!!!!
mike: lol
mike: was it the big FLASH OF WHITE LIGHT
shaun: mjp[e
shaun: nope
mike: oh
mike: ....
shaun: haha
mike: uh who then
mike: OH
mike: YES
mike: IN
shaun: I KNOW
shaun: gotta go
mike: yes you do
mike: GO
mike: GO
mike: GO NOW
"parade" - apr. 13/06

karen: Everyone's smiling and laughing and honking and I'm like FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!!!
"fast" - apr. 18/06

roger: What's with the little devil guy?
karen: He's a Fast.
roger: A what?
karen: A Fast, like from the Volkswagen commercial?
roger: ...never heard of it.
alan: (comes over) Oh I've seen these. It's one of those Pokemon isn't it?
karen: No, it's a Fast! Don't you people watch TV? It represents your inner fast, your inner...speed personality, and stuff! It's a Fast!
lisa: Hmm...nope, still don't know what it is. I never watched Pokemon.
"fast" - july 23/06

kerri-anne: Hey, I liked your shirt!
aidan: Thanks, I bought it cause it looks like an old couch.
"glassman" - april 22/06

ryan: here is the gist of this smallville episode: little orphan girl can shatter glass
mike: with her voice?
ryan: nope if she gets upset
mike: wow
mike: shatter glass
mike: i don't see how clark kent will ever be able to take her down
ryan: she killed her foster mom with lots of glass
mike: i think he's met his match
ryan: clark thinks she's good
mike: with lots of glass
ryan: she can't control it
ryan: uh...
ryan: some other dude just got glassed
mike: killed by glass?
ryan: well yeah exploding glass
ryan: lois has shards in her back
ryan: ok the dad can shatter glass too
ryan: he killed the mom
ryan: and that other dude
mike: haha
mike: beware this family, innocent bystanders and window washers
ryan: ok he can make glass too
ryan: the glassman
mike: wow
mike: he sounds like a real pane
ryan: groan
ryan: did you hear that
ryan: thats me groaning from here
ryan: haha
mike: haha
mike: you know what the dad's favorite band is?
ryan: glass tiger
mike: haha
mike: i was going to say Staind
ryan: HAHAHA
"twitchin" - july 23/06

mike: So what's on tv?
shaun: Jimmy Kimmel...Apollo 13...and some marmots twitchin' out.
"old couch" - july 23/06

kerri-anne: Hey, I liked your shirt!
aidan: Thanks, I bought it cause it looks like an old couch.
"anti-midas" - july 29/06

shaun: I've got the anti-midas touch...everything I touch turns to shit.
"barry's problem" - sept. 16/06

(barry = shaun's new car)
mike: i figured out barry's problem
mike: hence he is now returned to the name
mike: The White Whang
shaun: barry needed a new computer
mike: or that could be it


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