"office freedom" - oct. 2/03

meghan: I want an office where people feel free to spank their monkeys.
"damn walk" - oct. 2/03

ken: Nick, I can't take it anymore, I'm going for a damn walk.
nick: Alright, go nuts. Why are you taking your keys?
ken: I'm driving.
nick: Okay then, enjoy your walk.
"not egg" - oct. 3/03

dale: Is this egg?
meghan: No, it's POISON!!
"nose" - oct. 3/03

mark: I have syphyllis in my nose.
"young" - oct. 4/03

larry: How old are you? You look young. 54?
"mama jules 1" - oct. 4/03

melissa: I am going to smoke I just have to tell you mama Jules is sad
nick: yeah.........o-kay.
"mama jules 2" - oct. 4/03

mike: i am going to cleanup I just have to tell you mama Jules is sad
nick: why is everyone saying that???
nick: bunch of freaks
"mama jules 3" - oct. 4/03

nick: mike even has my damn brother telling me the mama jules thing.
melissa: Don't get cheeky with me
nick: what?
melissa: Take it to the limit Tiger
"holy water" - oct. 4/03

melissa: so do you miss us?
nick: no, not even a little bit.
melissa: you are so mean
nick: oh yeah i know. im just evil
melissa: "E-V-I-L"
nick: yup
melissa: if I had some holy water, I would throw it at you
nick: good thing i'm about about 16 hours away
melissa: yes, you are lucky
nick: oh, yeah. the first thing i thought when i moved here was "Boy am i ever lucky to be living in peace river."
nick: "otherwise melissa would be throwing holy water on me."
"strippers" - oct. 5/03

jenn: my name on msn was "WIENER ON PHONE YAAAY"
jenn: and adam comes on
jenn: a window just pops up and was like 'talking to your sister huh"
jenn: "i could have SWORN I saw her at the rendezvous with friends"
mike: hahaha
jenn: lol
jenn: and i'm like ummmm
jenn: Sarah...
jenn: were you at the VOUS
jenn: *silence*
mike: hahaha
jenn: oh man too funny
jenn: and i was like adam why didn't you say hi
jenn: he's like "well i thought it looked like her but i didn't want to be creepy!
jenn: i'm like .... creepy?
jenn: he's like yah what am i supposed to say:
jenn: some woman is dancing naked at the front of the room "hey so how is school going?"
jenn: "are you jenn's sister?"
jenn: while some guy licks whipped cream off a stripper
mike: lol
jenn: his exact words
mike: woulda been funnier (and more horrifying for sarah) if adam had been the one LICKING the whipped cream
mike: then comes back
mike: "Hey are you jenn's sister?"
jenn: that would be funny
jenn: k i'm laughng and my roomates are in the kitchen prob wondering again
jenn: cuz it wsa a retarded laugh
"can" - oct. 4/03

meghan: (to mike) what did you get in the can?
melissa: hate.
"anger" - oct. 5/03

mike: i lose anger fast
jenn: you are exothermic to anger
mike: ok
mike: that made me crack up so bad
jenn: i rule!
jenn: nothing like a good nurdation to brighten your day
mike: and it was so natural!
jenn: yeah...
jenn: it was
jenn: oy
jenn: i don't rule
jenn: oh god
jenn: it was the like the first thing into my head
jenn: i RULE
"teach" - oct. 5/03

jenn: my sister and i calculated that i will be in school for 11 years
mike: 11 years????
jenn: 5 years bachelor
jenn: 2 years masters
jenn: then maybe a dr....
jenn: is that 4 more years
mike: really
mike: wow
jenn: maybe
jenn: too far in advance to say
jenn: but if i actually find something i like
jenn: then maybe i could teach at a a university
mike: crazy
jenn: then dr is good
mike: and just annoy you
mike: hahahaha
jenn: Dr. Jennifer O'Neill
jenn: lolol
mike: Dr. NURD
jenn: that would be HILARIOUS
mike: oh it would be
jenn: ppl would be like what is this old dude doing at the front of the room?
jenn: He keeps saying NURD
jenn: and uttering strange things
mike: "Mike here's your paper back. I'm not sure how giant bears comes into molecular structures."
jenn: hahaha
jenn: Mike here's your paper back
jenn: F
mike: oh that would be hilarious
jenn: F for fabulous mike
jenn: fabulously FAILED
mike: "Mike here's your multiple choice back. I realize you wrote D for every single answer."
jenn: lol
mike: except for #32
mike: where you filled in all the bubbles
jenn: hahahahhaa
mike: hahaha
jenn: ahahaha
mike: oh man
jenn: ahaha stop i'm laughng ahhh
jenn: mike i realize you made a picture of a bear out of the bubbles
mike: "and now we will...mike, are you DRUNK?"
jenn: mike what is in that water bottle
jenn: wait a minute... thats not even a water bottle
jenn: it's a 2-6
mike: i am just loving this idea
jenn: that would be hilarious for the rest of the class
jenn: haha
mike: yeah it would be
mike: YA
mike: hahaha
jenn: hehe
jenn: i'm dying over here
mike: me too
jenn: too good
jenn: hahah
jenn: mike comes in with a giant foam figer that says genetics
mike: oh i would
mike: that would such an awesome class for everyone else!!
jenn: yeah
mike: can you imagine the stories they'd have???
jenn: cept the nurds
jenn: they would be like
jenn: SHHHHH
"crow" - oct. 5/03

mike: nick is in peace river and he is telling me about his place
jenn: k
mike: well first off he got there and there on the name plates on the floor above him was someone named ENG
mike: so he is all "he will be my MORTAL ENEMY"
jenn: hahah
mike: so yesterday he's trying to work in the morning
jenn: mortal enemy! haha
mike: and up the hill there's this one crow
mike: that was just cawing and cawing away
mike: for HOURS
mike: just sitting there
jenn: lol
mike: driving him insane
jenn: kinda like eng
mike: so he was talking to me and was like "He's just like you!! He's relentless!"
mike: "I'm naming him MIKE"
mike: and as he was saying this the crow flew away
mike: so he was all relieved
mike: and then messages me again in a few seconds
mike: "He's back! ON A CLOSER POLE"
jenn: hahaah
jenn: definitely mike
"acorn" - oct. 9/03

wade: I have an acorn! Have you even ever seen an acorn in real life before?
"boss hockey" - oct. 11/03

ken: Me and Nick are playing road hockey after work.
jessica: You are? Well did you even ask him if he wanted to first?
ken: I don't have to ask him, I'm his boss.
"veggies" - oct. 15/03

shelly: Have you tried that stuff, broccolini?
marie: Yeah, its good. It's a cross between broccoli and cauliflower.
shelly: Then why is it called broccolini? What's with the 'ini' ? Shouldn't it be broccoflower or something?
"names" - oct. 19/03

mike: you have to start thinking of a team name
mike: it is through Yahoo so you need a yahoo account
jenn: eww
mike: what?
jenn: iunno
mike: ...what?
jenn: iunno
mike: what is iunno?
jenn: i-dunno
jenn: iunno
jenn: oreo
mike: you are just strange now
mike: your brain is evaporating
jenn: huh
jenn: mevap?
mike: either that or you sound like a pokemon
mike: a jennimon
mike: looks like cinnamon
mike: cinnamon
mike: jinnamon
mike: jennamon
jenn: mikichu
mike: hahaha
"disaster" - oct. 20/03

melissa: This is crazy, but as long as we don't flood
nick: yeah no kidding
melissa: what else can happen in this province?
nick: who knows. earthquake, terrorist bombing, hoards of locusts
nick: killer bees
melissa: Well, i hope not.
nick: meh.
"apple pie" - oct. 20/03

nick: Where are you?
melissa: In OM 1411 watching the food network. They're making all kinds of apple pies.
melissa: I want apple pie now
nick: you might have to wait
melissa: yeah considering there is no apples or an oven here in OM 1411
nick: yeah, thats troublesome
melissa: lol no kidding
melissa: hehe I just typed to Mike I wanted apple pie
melissa: he seems confused
"costume" - oct. 20/03

melissa: Meghan and I are talking about what you would look like in jeans?
mike: me?
melissa: yes
mike: oh
melissa: we are talking about each other
mike: yeah I don't wear blue jeans
mike: there is my halloween costume
mike: me in blue jeans and a t-shirt
mike: I will go as Lorne!
melissa: lol hahaha
mike: or I will wear a cap and be al or mark
mike: or a backwards cap and be spigs
mike: or a cap and glasses and be nick
mike: or shoes with $300 price tag and be silv
melissa: hahahaha
"fuck" - oct. 21/03

mike: k you want to "join custom league"
mike: the league number is 105586
jenn: holy acceptance terms
jenn: like 10 pages
jenn: mmm popcorn hotchocolatey goodnessss mmmm
jenn: mmm not both together mmmm
mike: haha
mike: hurry up
jenn: hang on i gotta read the agreement
jenn: whats the password
jenn: i made hot chocolate with vanilla cream and water mmm
mike: fuck
mike: that's the password
jenn: no swearing
jenn: well whats the group # then
mike: 105586
jenn: of course...
jenn: error
mike: aw
mike: try again
jenn: whats the group called
mike: McInnis is a knob
jenn: ahahaha'
jenn: k tell me the numbers again
jenn: i'm too lazy to scroll
mike: league is 105586
jenn: annnd the pw
jenn: tooo muuuuch cream
jenn: i could CHEW this hot choclate
mike: haha
jenn: hello
jenn: mike
jenn: you never told me the password
mike: fuck
mike: that is the password!!
jenn: not once
jenn: well what is the GROUP NUKBER
jenn: NIMBER
mike: are you serious
jenn: ARGH
jenn: #
jenn: that thing
mike: league is 105586
mike: fuck
jenn: k,,,,
jenn: then what is the password
jenn: you still haven't told me the password yet though
mike: don't be dumb
jenn: i'm .... not
mike: the password is "fuck"
mike: really
mike: f-u-c-k
mike: f u c k
mike: lol
jenn: AHAHAH
jenn: i'm like WHY IS MIKE SWEARING
mike: .....are you SERIOUS
jenn: I'm not doing anything WRONG
mike: geeeeez
mike: lol
jenn: no seriously
jenn: everytime i would ask
jenn: you'd be like fuck
jenn: and i thought you did something there
mike: ahahaha
jenn: and then i asked again and "fuck"
jenn: what's the number? 105588 FUCK
jenn: some girl is singing outside like she's freakin american idol prospector
mike: haha
mike: yell at the girl
mike: yell "105588 FUCK!!!"
jenn: lol
jenn: it's like 867 5309iiine
jenn: 867-5309iiiine
jenn: i dunno how, i just wanted to sing that
"borris" - oct. 21/03

jenn: in titanic the movie
jenn: it was all quiet and the saddest part of the movie
jenn: and when the band finally stops playing, the violinist gets up and says
jenn: "goodnight borris"
jenn: and for some reason
jenn: i found that SO awesomely funny
jenn: that i was like
jenn: out loud
mike: hahaha
mike: oh classy jenn
jenn: i got some glares from crying biblets all round
"canmore" - oct. 21/03

meghan: I'm mike from canmore
mike: uh okay
meghan: I'm mike from canmore
mike: i'm mike from kamloops
meghan: I'm mike from canmore
mike: i'm leaving
"slow news day" - oct. 22/03

ken: There's nothing happening this week! Nick, go make some fuckin' news. Go start a fire on the street. The fire department is right across the road, it'll be fine. Then go rob the pharmacy and streak down main street. Just do it. And hurry up, we've got deadlines here man.
"socks" - oct. 22/03

jenn: woohooo all socks present annnd accounted for
mike: haha
mike: all that time you were counting socks?
jenn: oh no oh NOOO
jenn: man down i repeat
jenn: MAN DOWN
jenn: one sock MIA
jenn: it's a SOCK
jenn: without his partner
mike: there's a song about a missing sock!
mike: I KNOW IT!!
mike: (found it)
mike: 'I got one sock!
mike: Lookin' for the other.
mike: One sock!
mike: Lookin' for its brother.
mike: When I find that sock!
mike: I'll tell you what I'll do.
mike: I'll put it on my foot,
mike: and I'll stick it in my shoe!'
jenn: lol
"modest" - oct. 25/03

melissa: ok I have a question for you: who do you think is the hottest person ever?
nick: me
"candy" - oct. 27/03

sarah: jenn....am i supposed to be able to get the candy out of his ass??
sarah: cause its stuck in his ass.....
jenn: ahahhaa
sarah: hahahahaha
sarah: there, i got it out. YAY
sarah: ass candy
sarah: lol
"manipulate" - oct. 27/03

mike: yeah, i just don't stay mad
jenn: me neither
jenn: not worse the hassle
mike: and it's bad, cause manipulative people could totally just do whatever
mike: and in like five days I'll be like "ehhh."
jenn: yeah
jenn: do ppl manipulate you mike
jenn: lol
jenn: i manipulate you
jenn: i actually hate you
mike: lol
jenn: i just use you for... uh
jenn: cats on mars
"under the sea" - oct. 27/03

mike: online makes it pretty easy to stay in touch
jenn: but you never know
jenn: what if i go out on the ocean for 10 years
jenn: with no contact
jenn: lol
jenn: they could send me to the bubble in the sea floor
mike: lol
jenn: i was telling adam the other day how when i finish working on this big project on the coast here i will build a giant bubble under the sea and invite all my friends to come live there
jenn: and we'll party
jenn: and only swim out for beer
jenn: watch for sharks
jenn: drunk + shark - swim = trouble
"photogenic" - oct. 28/03

mike: hey lorne
mike: the girl in my msn picture
mike: does she look retarded?
"useless" - oct. 29/03

meghan: I am useless right now. Useless like a stick.
"dicks" - nov. 1/03

tara: I went in there and all I could see was men and their dicks.
"important" - nov. 1/03

english prof: I'm not sure I'm following you, but I'm sure whatever you're saying is important.
"the cat" - nov. 2/03

katie: total "omg" moment today: there was a cat at the SPCA called Mat.
katie: Mat the Cat.
"trivia" - nov. 7/03

bill: Mike, Music trivia this afternoon?
mike: ooh
mike: i had forgotten
bill: forty minutes
mike: hmm
bill: could use you
bill: but obviously no obligation
bill: it's just
bill: that you're
bill: soooooo friggen smart
"contacts" - nov. 8/03

melissa: I have to take my contacts out but I can't find my pants.
"cougar" - nov. 13/03

fred: You're just sitting there blissful and ignorant and a cougar comes up and picks you up, takes you home, and rocks your world!
"fast results" - nov. 11/03

nick: Just ask her out then, man.
ian: I'm too much of a chickenshit, I'm used to just picking up drunk sluts.
nick: Trust me, just suck it up and do it, you don't want to miss your chance.
ian: Yeah, you're right.
nick: So does this girl live in your building?
ian: Yeah, down the hall.
nick: Well I'm going to go make some hot chocolate, that'll take like three minutes. So by the time I get back, you'd better have asked her out.
    [a few minutes pass]
nick: I'm back, so did you go talk to her yet?
ian: Oh yeah, we already had sex and I then I kicked her out. Now I'm reading emails.
"nigel dick" - nov. 14/03

dale: Who the hell is Nigel Dick and why does he sound like six different bands?
mike: ...that's Nickelback, not...Nigel Dick.
"no pulp" - nov. 15/03

mike: You should come here right now. Just get in your car and we'll see you in 14 hours.
nick: I don't think that's going to happen.
mike: And Melissa says to pick up some orange juice on the way here. No pulp.
"brilliant" - nov. 17/03

neal: We went from brilliant to shit in thirty seconds.
"rough life" - nov. 18/03

mitch: how have you been?
mike: not too bad, how about you?
mitch: busy, everything is converging on these last 2 weeks of school, stress-o-meter is through the roof. it'll all be good in 2 weeks
mike: yeah the last 2 weeks of a term are brutal
mike: what else've you been up to sides school>
mitch: not a whole lot. not much free time these days, work school, more school, sleep (sometimes)
mitch: and i've been seeing this 38 yr old ex-stripper who's in one of my classes, and she always wants to have sex all the time and i'm falling behind because of it
mitch: it's a rough life this school life
"rowing" - nov. 19/03

guy in chair rowing himself down hallway with a 2x4: Aren't you going to push me?
his friend: No, actually I'm going to pretend I don't know you.
"dynamics" - nov. 20/03

carlos: He's not going to like it.
dale: Yes he will! Look at the technical proficiency! He's going to get wet!
carlos: I like it, but I still don't think he will like that part.
dale: He wants dynanicysm, I'll give him dynanicysm, or dynamics, or whatever the hell the plural of dynamics are.
"third prong" - nov. 20/03

ian: We were partying last night, I had like 13 beers, and then Bre and I were, you know, gettin' a little 'frisky'. So I went for the bra and unlatched the two prongs so I think i'm in...
nick: What do you mean, you think?
ian: There was a third prong!!!
nick: Oh yeah?
ian: And that last prong totally kicked my ass. I just couldn't get it. It was like some kind of super bra.
nick: So then nothing happened then?
ian: No. It would have, but by the time I got it I had ruined the moment for myself.
nick: Ouch, scoring denied by the infamous third latch.
ian: No kidding, it was horrible, like something from out of this world.
"coq" - nov. 20/03

dale: So did you guys drive up from Vancouver today?
dustin: (bass player for hot hot heat) Yeah.
dale: How was the Coq?
dustin: (excited) The coke in Vancouver?
dale: No, the Coquihalla.
dustin: (not as excited) Oh.
"dance" - nov. 22/03

auren: I gotta do something...I gotta get out. I gotta dance!
"orgies" - nov. 27/03

dale: I'd be in for orgies.
"mutants" - nov. 27/03

meghan: Mutants make me horny.
"women" - nov. 29/03

fred: Women man, they're evil, when they're not absolutely perfect.
"rewards" - nov. 30/03

player: You're really goin' to town on that Coke eh coach?
coach: Well tonight I need all the caffeine and energy I can get.
player: Why?
coach: Victory sex.
player: Victory sex? But we win every game.
coach: Why do you think I like you guys so much?
"the glass" - dec. 2/03

mike: well it ended up being me arguing that it had to be half-full
mike: because half-empty implies that it is half-emptied, from being full, so it was at one point, full
mike: but we don't know if it was full or not
mike: but we do know the glass has been empty
mike: and saying it is half-full relates to it being empty
mike: so it is half-full
jenny: but how do you know it was empty?
mike: because when the glass was made, it started out empty, so we know that it was at one point empty, 100%
mike: but we can't assume that it has ever been full
jenny: hrmmm very interesting
jenny: and it makes sense
jenny: BUT
jenny: that's the glass
jenny: what about whats in it?
mike: what does the glass's contents have to do with whether it is half-full or not?
jenny: because they are what's in the glass.. they should have a say in it...
jenny: yes
jenny: they should
mike: okaaay then...what do you think is in the glass
jenny: well... lets say the milk... in the carton from which it came from only had enough to fill half of the glass... is that then really the glass... or is it the milk's fault?
jenny: cuz then doesnt that mean it was destined to have only a half of glass of milk
mike: well if the carton had only enough for half a glass, then I would say it is not the milk's fault, NOR the glass's fault, but that of the milk-DRINKER to have left him/herself only enough milk for half a glass
mike: in THAT case I would say they deserve the glass to be half-empty, because the "half-empty" response is generally associated with negative connotations, which is what the drinker deserves for not finishing off that last half a glass last time
jenny: BUT what if it wasnt that drinkers fault and it was the fault of his/her roomate?
mike: ahh, well then in that case then the drinker should take that half a glass and pour it on their roomate when they are sleeping
mike: just the right amount
mike: a half glass is enough to wake them, shock them, and give them their just rewards, without going overboard
jenny: hahahahahahahahhaha
jenny: but what if you were really thirsty?
mike: well face it, if you were really thirsty a half glass of milk probably wouldn't have sufficed anyways
mike: unless you mix it with something! like kahlua
mike: or warm it up and mix with some bailey's
mike: that sorta thing
jenny: hahahahahaha
jenny: that sounds good
jenny: that would be the only way i would drink the milk
"excited" - dec. 4/03

shaun: how's the work going?
shaun: MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!! MIKE!!!!
mike: what's up?
shaun: nothin wrong Mike
"dying" - dec. 6/03

shaun: That old woman looks like she's gonna die. She looks kinda dying.
"fucking snowman" - dec. 6/03

shelly: Don't you know I like snowmen? Where's my fucking snowman!?
"christmas bong" - dec. 6/03

jessica: Shelly, what are you doing?
shelly: I'm having my Christmas cigarette.
ken: Christmas cigarette? What the fuck is that? Hey Nick, let's go get the Christmas bong.
"rip motion" - dec. 8/03

mike: gerstolen!
mike: hey can I....
jenn: hey can i what
mike: go in the bear?
jenn: go in the bear?
mike: but it's not
jenn: lol
mike: rip motion
jenn: rip MOTION
jenn: i am so sorry
"riddles" - dec. 9/03

jay: hay i need some riddles
jay: you got any
jay: i need some
"pumpkin king" - dec. 10/03

mike: That's right! I AM the pumpking king! Hahahaha!
nick: i thought lorne was the pumpkin king?
mike: no
mike: i AM the pumpkin king!!!
mike: hahahah
nick: how'd you wrestle that title away from him?
mike: i'm king of the pumpkin patch
mike: so hail to the pumpkin king
nick: i'll hail nothing. what the hell are you talking about?
mike: i'm the master of fright
mike: and a Demon of light
nick: honestly, stop that.
mike: something's here i'm not quite getting though I try i keep forgetting like a memory long since past
mike: here in an instant,
mike: gone in a flash
mike: what does it mean?
mike: what does it mean!?!
nick: please stop talking to me
"YEAH" - dec. 12/03

jenn: oh and you know what
jenn: i've never seen the nightmare before christmas
jenn: hehehe
mike: WHAT
jenn: lol
jenn: well i have seen parts
jenn: but never the whole thing
jenn: and i always wanted to
jenn: do you have it
mike: YEAH
jenn: on vid
mike: YEAH
jenn: k
jenn: we'll have to watch it
mike: YEAH
jenn: you know what i was thinking
jenn: lol
jenn: shudup
"crappy" - dec. 13/03

jay: Your bringing me down man.
jay: Your bringing me down man.
jay: Your bringing me down man.
jay: hahahaahh
mike: hahaha
jay: is there a new season of clone high?
mike: not that i know of
jay: i see
jay: well that's crappy
jay: IN MY PANTS!!!!
"printing" - dec. 16/03

ed: how much is it to print at ucc
mike: oh it's free
mike: students can print for free
ed: what!
ed: fuck off
mike: but they have to bring their own paper
ed: its 7 cents at uvic
mike: and in the journalism labs you don't need anything
ed: we need a printing card
ed: how do i get into there
mike: you need a keycard
ed: do you have a keycard?
mike: you betcha
ed: NICE
ed: wanna go for a ride then
mike: haha
mike: sure i'll go for the ride in a bit
ed: in a bit as in?
ed: 4352345 hrs
mike: yeah approx.
ed: ok
ed: see you when we are 32545152 yrs old
"crash" - dec. 17/03

mike: Daily deco story "Eng crashes car"
mike:He wrecked his car after becoming fascinated with the radio. "So many options!" Eng said as he was being carried away in the stretcher. "It was a completely new experience for me, being able to adjust my own radio and choose my own music."
meghan: hahahahahahahahahahaaha
meghan: that's great
mike: Authorities were relieved to report that Eng's out-of-control vehicle struck only one other car, that of local 7-11 rap prodigy Matthew Sterling Silver. "We think there's limited damage," said police. "But, we're really not sure."
meghan: hahaha, while people were tending to eng's car...sterling's car was broken into. all that was taken was a couple of Vanilla Ice audiotapes and spraypainted gold jewellery
meghan: oh, and a 300$ pair of shoes
mike: "The most significant damage seems to be some odd scratches on the side of the car, where we think someone tried to break into the vehicle. However, the only thing in the car is a 4-month old bag of popcorn, so we're not sure on the accuracy of that estimation."
"wacky beans" - dec. 19/03

mike: your christmas gift is going to be a bit late
mike: it's gotta be shipped
jay: from cambodia?
mike: possibly
jay: nice
jay: have you seen those toys, i think they are called wacky beans? they kick ass
mike: wacky beans? no i have never heard of them, what are they?
jay: bean with faces. I think they fight each other
jay: i saw them at toys R us
jay: I fell at the store. They have mini skate board that are big enough for one foot each. So U put one on each foot and rolled around until i fell on to the puzzle rack
mike: nice
"gift" - dec. 19/03

mike: hey I'm going to see see if Katie can drop off her gift for me at your place okay?
silv: ok, but you know I'm gone in a week right
mike: yep
silv: ok
silv: I may not be here when she comes by
silv: if nobody is here, tell her to put it in the mailbox
mike: ok
silv: and it better not be some 200lb 5 foot high present either
mike: you'll come home
mike: it'll be blocking the driveway
silv: I'll just nuke the neighbourhood
"hardcover" - dec. 21/03

katie c: I don't like taking out hardcover books from the library because when you're reading in bed and you fall asleep, the book falls and hits you in the head.
"loaded" - dec. 23/03

jay: I'ml oaded
mike: oh yeah?
mike: i'm in vancouver
jay: ytou son of a bitch
jay: i'm gonna go try your codes
mike: what codes?
jay: nevermind, I was talking about your house codes. But it wasn;t as funny as it hout
mike: ah
mike: i see
jay: ya wasn't that fnny
jay: ui sucjk
"go hungry" - dec. 27/03

saying on a pack of gum: It's better to go hungry than be poisoned.
"great haste" - dec. 31/03

sean: I shit with great haste!
"love" - dec. 31/03

mitch: love u


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