After a year of inactivity, I finally got off my ass and did up the 2004 convos. There were tons of them, so they got split up into FIVE parts. I also added a section for amusing search engine hits that I'll add to periodically.

Completed the 2001 entries. Compared to the other years, there isn't that many, so it didn't take that long.

There we go. Much nicer looking. I decided to split the 2003 section into three parts because it's so massive.

Online! Will be fancied up later. Eventually I hope to have the entries searchable by name. Each entry has its own link (upper right hand of the box) that you can use to link to that specific entry. Most of these are from my own records, but I went through all the blogs and got those ones, too. Also, I've corrected most of the (many) typos, unless said typos are what the conversation is about.

a ths website production

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